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        Shipping & Returns

        ? ? ?Shenzhen WAYJUN Industrial Automation designs?Data Acquisition modules,High precision 4-20mA Converter,?DI?Isolated Digital Signal to RS485/232 Module,1W~20W Isolated DC-DC Converter.

        Shipping costs are calculated according to the total weight of your order and the delivery location. When you decide to order, the system calculates the total weight of your order, estimates the cost and asks you to choose between our differents formulas.

        1, Hongkong Post Air Registered Mail
        Hongkong Post Air Registered Mail

        Basic fee: $6.00, Basic fee includes registration fee,packaging costs and labor charges.
        Transport costs per unit: $0.030 Per gram.
        Transit Time: 6 - 20 Business Days.
        Mail Tracking: http://app3.hongkongpost.com/CGI/mt/enquiry.jsp

        2, You can choose other modes of transportation, transportation costs in accordance with the mode of transport you choose the calculation
        a,? DHL / TNT / UPS : average delivery period around 6 to 12 business days, on-line tracking system.

        b,? Hongkong Post Air Express Delivery: average delivery period around 6 - 20? business days.


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