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        RS485/232 to 4-20mA,RS232 to 0-5V, D/A Converters


        with Modbus,RS485/232 to Analog Current or Voltage Signal Converters,D/A Converter

        Output is?1 channel voltage/current signal,or 2-channel common ground current/voltage signal

        >>DIN Rail-mounted
        >>RS485/232? to 4-20ma/0-5V analog signal output
        >>12-bit DA converter,analog signal output accuracy>0.2%
        >>Can be remotely reconfigured for modules accuracy
        >>Three-port Isolation:?3000VDC isolation.
        >>Wide power supply range:8~32VDC
        >>High reliability, easy program, installation.
        >>Can program setting module address, baud rate
        >>Support Modbus RTU
        >>Intelligent building control, security and engineering applications
        >>RS485/232 industrial automation control system
        >>Industrial fields signal isolation and long-terms transmission
        >>Debugging and control of equipment operation
        >>4-20mA signal output
        >>Medical machine monitoring
        >>Sensor signal to restore the long-range transmission and signal
        >>Industrial field data for a given actuator
        Function Description:
        ? ? ?WJ31 signal isolated D/A converter module, 1 channel voltage/current signal,or 2-channel common ground current/voltage signal output.

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? WJ31???? ??-?□?????????- ??□
        Communication Interface
        output signal
        485:RS-485 input
        U1: 0-5V
        A1: 0-1mA
        ? ? ? ? ?232: RS-232 input
        U2: 0-10V
        A2: 0-10mA
        U3: 0-75mV
        A3: 0-20mA
        U4: 0-2.5V
        A4: 4-20mA
        U5: 0-±5V
        A5: 0-±1mA
        U6: 0-±10V
        A6: 0-±10mA
        U7: 0-±100mV
        A7: 0-±20mA
        U8: user-defined
        A8: user-defined
        Example 1: Type No.:?WJ31-485-A4???means RS485 to 4-20mA
        Example 2:Type No.:?WJ31-232-U1 ?means RS232 to 0-5V
        Example 3:Type No.:?WJ31-485-U1 ?means RS485 to 0-5V
        Example 4: Type No.:?WJ31-232-A4???means RS232 to 4-20mA

        Note:when you order ,please choose your input and output or note your Part No..

        Download Datasheet?: D/A Converter WJ31.pdf 

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