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        Analog Signal Isolators (mA to V)


        Current signal to voltage signal converters

        >>Small size, SIP 12 anti- fire UL94V-0 package
        >>No external component, ZERO and Gain adjustment no need.
        >>Three-port (power/input/output) isolation:3000VDC
        >>Power supply:5VDC/12VDC/15VDC/24VDC
        >>0-75mV/0-2.5V/0-5V/0-10V/0-±100mV/0-±5V/0-±10V voltage signal
        or 0-10mA/0-20mA/4-20mA/0-±10mA/0-±20mA current signal
        >>Temperature range: -45~+85 ℃
        >>In EMC(electromagnetism disturb) circumstance need adopt shield measure.
        ?? IAPM series is electromagnetic isolation mixed IC, it is made of isolated DC/DC converters and electromagnetic isolation signal amplifier.

        Part No.samples:
        IAPM A4-P3-V1? (Input:4-20mA? Power Supply:5V ? Output:0-5V)
        IAPM A4-P1-A4? (Input:4-20mA? Power Supply:24V Output:4-20mA)
        IAPM A4-P1-V2? (Input:4-20mA? Power Supply:24V Output:0-10V)
        IAPM A3-P3-V1? (Input:0-20mA? Power Supply:5V?? Output:0-5V)

        IAPM A6-P3-V1? (Input:0-±20mA Power Supply:5V Output:0-5V)
        Other types,please check our datasheet.

        Note:when you order,please choose your input,power supply and output signal or note your part No..

        Download the Datasheet?: DC Single Dual Signal Isolated Amplifier.pdf 


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        • Model: IAPM I to V
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