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        Industrial RS-232 to RS-485 isolation module, WJ101

        >>Compatible with RS-232, RS-485 TIA / EIA standard
        >>Supports baud rate: 300 to 115200 BPS
        >>Adjusts the communication baud rate automatically?
        >>Adjusts data transceiver automatically?
        >>Transparent transmission without changing the communication protocol
        >>Wide?operating range power supply 8-32VDC
        >>3000V isolation between RS-232 and RS-485

        Typical application:
        >>Serial signal remote transmission
        >>For field device communication
        >>intelligent building control, security engineering and other applications
        Industrial automation control system
        >>Industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission
        >>Equipment operation monitoring and control
        >>Sensor signal conversion and transmission
        >>Industrial field data acquisition and conversion
        >>RS232 and RS485 signal conversion

        Type No.: WJ101-232-485

        Download Datasheet?:?WJ101EN.pdf 

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        • Model: WJ101-232-485
        • Shipping Weight: 100g


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