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        4-channel DI switch detection counter, WIFI module WJ160

        Starting at: $19.50
        Part No.: WJ160-W
        >>4-CH switch inputs, supports NPN and PNP input
        >>Each channel DI can be used as a counter or frequency measurement
        >>Supports MODBUS TCP communication protocol
        >>The number of pulses per revolution can be set for speed measurement
        >>Built-in webpage function, you can check the level status through the webpage
        >>The output status can be set through the web page
        >>Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32 VDC
        >>High reliability, convenient programming and easy application
        >>Standard DIN35 rail installation, convenient for centralized wiring
        >>The user can set the module IP address and other parameters on the web page
        >>Low cost, small size, modular design
        >>Dimensions: 79 x 69.5 x 25 mm
        Typical applications:
        >>Flow meter pulse counting or flow measurement
        >>Encoder pulse count
        >>Application systems such as intelligent building control and security engineering
        >>Ethernet industrial automation control system
        >>Industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission
        >>Hall sensor speed measurement
        >>Photoelectric sensor level detection and counting
        >>Motor speed measurement
        >>IoT switch signal acquisition
        Product Overview: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
        ? ?WAYJUN WJ160 is a Internet of Things and Industrial Ethernet acquisition module, to achieve the formation transparent between sensor and network. It can send sensor data exchange to network.

        Datasheet Download :WJ160-EN.pdf 

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        • Model: WJ160 – WiFi
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